Intelligence (BI)

Get the data-driven analytics you need to react to today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Introducing Cherry Business Intelligence (BI)

Make better decisions and reduce business risk with our business intelligence solution that gives you accurate information faster. Apply Cherry BI across any industry or sector, including financial services, manufacturing, logistics or even public policy.

Data-driven analytics:
a necessity, not a choice

In today’s business environment, customer needs change rapidly. To understand them, you need data-driven analytics that predict the future.

However, most business intelligence (BI) solutions are hard to use and lack the functions you need.

Simple. Speedy. Smart.

Process valuable information from complex data like ERP, DW, CRM or SCM to make strategic decisions.

Extract data directly from a database. Process it into the format you want. Then analyze it and share it with other departments. All without the help of a developer.

BI SW Robot

The BI SW Robot is the beating heart of Cherry BI.

Track data with just a single click. Set events without coding. And use standardized templates to write reports, reducing your work hours.

Easily standardize your existing Excel reports, analyze and share them on the web with Cherry BI’s 100% Excel compatibility.

Take advantage of functions like List, OLAP, Input Report (CRUD), Structured/Unstructured Report Analytics and Real Time Data Analytics.


Track reports quickly with memory stream and asynchronous execution

Shift from unstructured reports to structured ones with just one click

Analyze big data quickly

Trusted by all


Over 600 clients across a wide range of industries use Cherry BI.



Cherry BI has received numerous certifications and awards from the South Korean government, including the prestigious President’s Award. 

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