Cherry CDC

Integrate your data in real-time, synchronize your systems and reduce downtime with Cherry’s high-performance Change Data Capture solution.

Introducing Cherry CDC

Cherry’s Change Data Capture (CDC) solution reliably tracks changes in your database. Use CDC for real-time data integration, synchronization of multiple systems, migrations or upgrades. Enjoy zero downtime, as well as software disaster recovery and active-active load balancing.

Real-time data integration

The theory of “time value of data” dictates that the value of information to a business drops rapidly after it is created.

The time it takes to extract data from a business event, process it for analysis, deliver it and take action can be very costly.

Cherry CDC processes collected data in real time – crucial in today’s fast-moving business environment.

A reliable, high-performance solution


Copy DBMS and file data from source servers to target servers in real time.


Assume integrated management and monitoring of main servers and backup servers.


Quickly restore operations when service goes down due to disasters or errors.

No additional hardware required

Cherry CDC’s technology reduces the impact on operational system performance and minimizes latency time.

It imposes change on neither the operating system structure nor the IT environment. Its peer-to-peer architecture makes additional hardware unnecessary, while CDC replication technology minimizes network burden.

Practical Applications

S/W Disaster Recovery

Use Cherry CDC to establish an Active-Active Disaster Recovery System. Real-time replication minimizes service disruptions.

Active-Active Load Balancing

Reduce costs and load balancing with real-time replication of queried data to shift lookup operations from high-cost mains to low-cost equipment.


Real-time Data Integration:

Easily migrate and integrate DW, ERP and CRM data in real time and replicate select data needed by other systems.

Synchronization for Multiple Systems

Perform real-time replication of identical data between multiple systems. Source servers continue to operate, and there is automatic synchronization after recovery, despite inter-system failures.

Migration or Upgrade with Zero Downtime

Minimize downtime with real-time replication for upgrades such as ERP and CRM systems, as well as for database upgrades.

Cherry CDC Features

Wide DBMS Support

Supports a wide range of DBMS, including Oracle, EDBPAS, MSSQL, MySQL, Informix and Tibero.

Seperate Daemon

If network failure occurs during replication, automatic reconnect between X-LOG daemons and continuous replication is performed after network normalization.

Network Failure Proof

Is configured through a separate daemon when archive log files are generated locally when configuring Oracle RAC, and provides the function to integrate the archive log file into the capture node.

Monitor Replication Progress

Provides a real-time monitoring window to monitor the progress rate of replication jobs.

Compressed Options

Provides compressed options for sending changed data, enabling efficient use of network resources.

Consistency Verification

Provides data consistency verification.

Customizable and Flexible

Since Cherry CDC’s management console is based on the web, it provides various customizable flexibility. Moreover, system configuration and replication results are reported in detail and fully manageable.

DDL Statements

Provides a real-time monitoring window for DDL statements whenever they occur.

Extract Decrypted Data

Works with Oracle Flashback to extract decrypted data for encrypted columns or extracts encrypted RAW data to create and replicate optimized SQL syntax.

Continuous Replication

By managing checkpoints for replication point, continuous replication is performed without omission of data after recovering from system failures (server, power, disk failure, etc.) during replication.

Monitor Server Status

Provides a real-time monitoring window to monitor server status, running processors, and other information.

Report Provision

Provides various reports of replication policies and results.

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