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Manage your database performance in real time and respond to problems immediately, whenever or wherever they occur.

Introducing Cherry DPM

Korea’s leading database performance management solution lets you proactively monitor your databases, quickly recognize problems and effectively analyze bottlenecks.

Over 450 clients in 29 countries with 4,000 database servers use Cherry DPM, including AT&T, Samsung, LG Electronics, Hyundai, Toyota, Fujitsu and China Telecom.



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Diagnosing database problems is key

Diagnosing the exact cause of a database problem is actually more important than solving it.

Unfortunately, users now view a lot of data in different environments for different reasons. Database varieties have proliferated, too. All this makes identifying database problems very difficult.

The costs of database failures can be enormous. Small errors can shut entire factories down, causing massive losses in a short time. Identifying database problems quickly – before losses mount – is critical.

Seeing everything, any time, any place

Cherry DPM is a specialized, proactive tool for managing database performance. It is designed to increase management efficiency and system operations through advanced features such as real-time monitoring, historical data logging, diagnosing, analyzing and tuning.



  • Real-time monitoring
  • Comprehensive dashboard
  • Drill down traceability


  • Real historical records
  • Bottleneck/wait event analysis
  • Analysis of one-second data


  • Datapath view
  • Hotspot view
  • 2D/3D dashboard

Real-time monitoring

Cherry DPM collects performance logs of all running databases in real time, providing instant alarm notifications and accurate post-error analysis.

Even when your database hangs, monitor it with Cherry DPM’s DMA and API call methods. Check the operating status of the system in real time and react immediately to issues.

Get all your info upfront

Cherry DPM makes monitoring multiple database instances easy with an integrated instance dashboard that puts all instances on a single screen. Blocks that represent instances change color to indicate problems – warnings are in yellow, while critical situations are in red.

Choose from 2D or 3D dashboards, and use the dashboard’s docking feature to place performance stats wherever you want them to create custom UIs.

Tuning up your database through handy performance analysis

Cherry DPM provides in-depth performance trends of performance stats and wait events by date or specific period.

SQL elapsed time scatter provides wait times of individual SQLs in a distributed chart format, letting you intuitively distinguish slowly processing SQLs and analyze them effectively.

SQL plan analysis provides SQL count trends of SQLs whose performance has been degraded or improved due to changes in the execution plan. It also provides performance statistics of individual SQLs so you can effectively check the system.

All activity history data can be collected and stored in one second units, meaning you can analyze past activity as if it were in real time.

Better than the rest

Other DPM solutions are designed for overall management of all stacks and do not provide specific data summaries. One popular solution offers just a single instance per scree, rather than a snapshot view. Additionally, competing ‘real-time monitoring’ requires 15 second refreshes.

Cherry DPM, on the other hand, is specialized for database performance management. It pinpoints performance issues in real-time and precisely analyzes bottlenecks in one-second intervals. You can simultaneously monitor multiple databases, too.

Cherry DPM supports multiple database formats, including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and MySQL.

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