Cherry ECM

Manage all the content you produce through its entire lifestyle with a single, unified architecture.

Introducing Cherry ECM

Manage all unstructured content generated during the work process within a single unified structure with our integrated enterprise content management solution.

Effectively control the entire lifecycle of all your electronic documents, paper documents, images and multimedia files, boosting productivity and encouraging greater workplace collaboration.


Why Cherry ECM?


Unified Architecture

Increase content effectiveness, by taking control through its entire lifestyle – from creation to deletion. Includes eDocuments, paper documents, images, blueprints and multimedia images.


Expand with no suspensions

Reduce wasted storage space. Expand storage without suspending work. Perform automated backups. All possible with Cherry’s patented virtual storage management system.


Easily connect to other systems

Integrate content management across all work systems, quickly and easily. Connect development systems to legacy systems with Cherry’s open API. 


Activate your content

Continuously use and share content with Cherry ECM’s systematized standards to sort and organize documents, making them more accessible.


Content integrity and encryption

Documents saved at the core are automatically encrypted, protecting them from hackers and other attacks. Cherry ECM also maintains content integrity by managing duplicate content and automatically managing versions.


Like one storage space

Manage files from physically and logically distributed environments as if they were in one storage space. Cherry ECM’s flexible expansion structure also guarantees stability when you horizontally or vertically expand your system.

Practical Applications

Storage Support
  • Simultaneous support for various storage systems. Expand without transformation.
  • Multi Storage Management under a single ECM volume
  • Support for cloud storage
  • Compress stored content
Content Management
  • Sort and manage content by type, duty and organization
  • Prevents the saving of duplicate files to maximize storage efficiency
  • Supports moving content between locations through scheduling
  • Automated rollback when errors occur during processing
Virtual Storage Management
  • Use physically separate storages as if they are one unified storage
  • Minimizes idle storage space on physical storages by prioritizing free space
  • Expand storage immediately with no suspension of service


Content Security
  • Automated encryption of content when saved
  • Supports duplexing of content in case of errors
  • Supports management of copied content through scheduling
  • Block illegal access based on IP
RDBMS Support
  • Support for many DBMS types: MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, DB2, Altibase, Tibero, Cubrid
System Connectivity
  • Common gateway module (API) connects all systems, from personnel info to email
  • Support for different OC (NT, Linux, Unix and WAS)
  • Support for various programming languages (Java, COM, C, C++, Visual Basic)

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