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Go paperless the easy way with one of Asia’s leading e-form solutions.

Introducing Cherry eForm

Cherry eForm is Korea’s market-leading enterprise e-form solution with over 5,000 clients. Create and publish e-forms in minutes, even if you’re not a coder.

Paperless: An industry trend

There is a reason that going paperless is in-trend – it just makes good business and environmental sense.

  • Reduce paper, print and storage costs.
  • Improve efficiency and productivity by creating one-stop contract processes.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by reducing document burden.
  • Enhance document security by limiting document loss and information disclosure.
  • Protect the environment – the average insurance company can reduce carbon emissions by 1,244 tons and save 15,300 trees a year by going paperless.

E-forms made easy

Cherry eForm is the most intuitive and powerful software solution for anyone who needs to create smart e-forms that conveniently collect, distribute, and manage data.



Convert paper forms to electronics forms


Transform forms in Microsoft Office formats

Cherry eForm Features
Cherry eForm Features 2


Turn PDF forms into fillable e-forms


Forms created using Cherry eForm allow for calculations, validations and other logic processes.

Enter and edit data anywhere, anytime through mobile devices with a user-friendly interface.

Use forms on any screen. Synchronize display and input information in real time between desktops and tablets.

Independently control the same form, pre-populate data onto multiple forms or guide customers on filling out the form.

Access forms across platforms and devices through any modern browser that supports HTML5.

Save forms in convenient encrypted XML format, creating files far smaller than image or PDF-based formats.

User, server, development and management modules available.

Real world success

Standard Chartered Korea used Cherry eForm to implement tablet banking and create paperless banking for the first time in South Korea.

The project was so successful that the bank will implement it in ten more countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, the UAE, Malaysia, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh.

KB Bank, one of the largest bank in Korea, used Cherry eForm to create 750 paperless branches where over 6,000 tellers have made expensive, cumbersome and environmentally destructive paper banking a thing of the past.

Most government agencies in South Korea have adopted Cherry eForm as their e-form solution.

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