Cherry PAM

Cherry PAM is a proven “Zero-Trust” solution to secure your privileged credentials in any physical and virtual environment.




Improve your operational efficiency with Cherry’s privileged access defense in depth.

A provision of broad and consistent protection of sensitive administrative credentials, management of privileged identity access, and control of administrator activities

Security and Convenience in Balance

Mitigate data security risks

  • Prevent unauthorized access and limit access to resources once entry is granted to the network.

Higher user action accountabilities

  • Observe full attribution of user activity through comprehensive logging, session recording, and providing a deterrent to unauthorized behavior.

Reduce operation complexity to maximize productivity

  • Privileged single sign-on with MFA limits the risk of password-gathering malware attacks and optimizes the productivity of administrators with quick and secured access to their remote systems.

Minimize Risks, Maximize Productivity

Centralized Vision

Centrally secures and controls access to privileged credentials based on privileged access security policies

SSO with MFA

Maximize the productivity with SSO(single sign-on) for all your applications in one place, with the next level of security with MFA(Multi-Factor Authentication) for verification before granting access

Automated Policy

Password changes automatically based on your preference; after each use, scheduled, or manual batch changes

Compliance Control

Prevent the reuse of passwords and with mass password change capabilities, in the means of compliance control

Integrated Password Management

Support a variety of operating systems and platforms (Unix, Windows, database, network devices, applications, security equipment)

Real–time                  Monitoring

Real-time session recording, monitoring, and playback functionalities for all your privileged activities and audits

Workflow for the  Pros

Easily limit and control who has access to request and approval workflow

App-to-app PW Management

Prevent hard-coded passwords in scripts via the provided API

Comprehensive for
the Modern Workforce

Credential management alone isn’t sufficient when it comes to protecting your privileged access. Our Cherry’s Privileged Access Management solutions come equipped with session recording, fine-grained access control, multifactor authentication, single sign-on, and policy defining capabilities — all the essential needs when it comes to securing your credentials.

Cherry PAM with Your Business

Real World Success

Real World Success

Certified By

Automated Privilege Password Management v4.0.01

Mandatory Security Function Requirements for Web/Mobile App

Cherry PAM in

Azure Marketplace

Azure marketplace has recently started Cherry PAM service as the next generation privileged access control solution.


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