Cherry SDP

Improve your network security with Cherry’s Software Defined Perimeter that trusts nobody and verifies everything.

Introducing Cherry Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)

Realize the “Black Cloud” of perfect SDP security with world’s first solution combining SDP and NAC.

Operate free of security concerns with our open network security solution with a user ID-centric design to improve the limitations of existing Network Centric Security.

VPNs: a thing of the past?

Network security is growing increasingly important, especially in the age of COVID-19, when more and more people are working from home outside of company networks.

However, legacy network access control such as VPNs are coming under fire for a number of serious shortcomings:

  • Increased cybersecurity threats
  • Lack of control or visibility
  • Expensive and complex

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) solutions offer a remedy

Unlike VPNs, SDPs provide centralized network access control, are highly scalable, offer identity-centric user authentication and guarantee enhanced security with no lateral movement.

The motto of an SDP is “trust nobody, verify everything” – all users are authenticated and authorized, and all devices are verified.

Cherry SDP provides

Cherry SDP connects communications securely outside the company, while controlling applications associated with “privileges granted to users,” allowing individuals and businesses to operate free of security concerns.

Control over network access devices

Prevent unauthorized or unregistered devices (laptop, desktop, mobile, IoT) from starting connections by SDP authorization.

Promiscuous network access restrictions

Minimize network attack potential. Prevent malicious users or software from detecting vulnerabilities. Restrict access to specific services. Refuse segment or subnet network access.

Risk-based policy support

Cherry SDP makes access decisions based on a variety of risk criteria, including threat information, malware proliferation and new software.

Connect anything

Connect to the IT services your employees need without paying administrative or additional hardware costs.

Control over network access devices

Control programs and devices that can access certain services by specifying them, preventing malicious users or malware from connecting to the resource.


Secure your network. Do business anywhere in the world with unlimited space. Control IoT devices and save money through reduced infrastructure costs. No dedicated line needed!

Server stealth

Hides network information to make it difficult for attackers to identify targets.

DDOS attack prevention

Blocks transmission of non-authorized packets through use of Single Packet Authorization (SPA)

Dynamic Firewall

Whitelist-based firewall permitions block access in real time. 

App Binding

SDP communication is possible only for applications registered by the administrator.

Safe Networking

Provides secure network by IPSEC secure tunnel communication.

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