Cyber Security

Secure your cyber and critical infrastructure

“No more leaving your business in the middle of the cyber threats.”

Cherry Cyber security is here to strengthen the security, resilience, and system of the cyber ecosystem to protect critical business infrastructure and overall operation.


The Ultimate Balance

Balancing security and usability should be the primary goal for security practitioners. User centered security solutions are those that not only create rock-solid protection but also avoid undue complexity and enable smooth business processes. This enhances productivity.

Cherry Cyber security considers striking a harmonious balance between security and usability vital for long term efficiency.

Cherry Cyber security Solutions

Cyber-attacks have escalated and the challenges of installing, operating, and maintaining cyber defense systems will always be a reality. Cherry addresses cyber security vulnerabilities and incidents to support the security and safety of our installed solutions, protecting our customers and the environment via the following solutions.

“Trust nobody, Verify everything”

all users are authenticated and authorized before the access

“Cherry Life-Cycle Stages”

Monitors and records all data movement from the endpoint to the network

“Security and Convenience”

A provision of broad and consistent protection of sensitive administrative credentials

Cherry Cyber security Provides:

Immediate Technical Support.

Assistance with installation, configuration, administration, or general troubleshooting is available from our highly trained support engineers, who are experienced with complex customer environments.

Professional Training.

To assure proper use and optimum performance of our cyber security products, Cherry offers customer oriented implementation with admin and user training.

Rapid prototyping and custom development. 

Whether you need specialized or customed development, Cherry can provide software development, integration, policy implementation, and testing services to meet your mission requirements. (through consultation)

    Cherry success stories

    Cherry DLP


    • MGCC is a cooperative organization to contribute to the development of the local community by providing local mutual financing, leading the community’s wellness, and advancing general financial cooperatives in the 21st century.
    • MGCC demanded suitable security solutions and technical measures to minimize security risks in managing the personal information of their 20 million customers with a higher level of cyber security.

    Cherry PAM

    • Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad is a diversified group with six core businesses, namely plantations, property investment & development, credit financing, automotive, trading, and building materials.
    • Hap Seng Consolidated Berhad chose SecureKi to secure its access to corporate resources with centralized credential management and security policies, improve device visibility, and more.

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