Cherry DLP

Cherry DLP monitors and records each data movement from the endpoint to the network. Confidential and personal data is safe with Cherry DLP.

Introducing Cherry DLP

“The best way to prevent data leakage”

The dramatic increase of remote work ended up giving more attention to cybersecurity. Data exchange through various devices and networks of communication expose the company and personal data. The “attack surface” of your company gets larger through these interactions. The more data to steal, the more data there is to protect.


Protect Your Data from Inner Threat

58% of  Information
Security Incident Attributed
to Insider Threat”

    -Infosecurity Magazine-

DLP (Data Loss Prevention) software prevents:

  • Data breaches
  • Exfiltration
  • Unwanted destruction of sensitive data by monitoring

Endpoint DLP

“Discover, Monitor, Prevent Sensitive Data Leakage on Your Endpoints”


Cherry DLP prevents copies and transfers to USB, Printers, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, and applications. Cherry DLP offers data validation checks and context identifiers. Cherry DLP secures data inside by monitoring. block-copying, saving, and downloading confidential data files based on a set-up of rules and policies.

Network DLP

“Blocker at the network gateway”


Cherry DLP detects and prevents the upload of sensitive data through your network with real-time logs of in and outgoing data. Then, the SSL/TLS traffic decryption function monitors data in motion by tracking data through Email, Cloud Services, IM, SNS/TLS, and SNS. This process is effectively done with a policy(rule)-based setting.

Cherry DLP Life-Cycle


Cherry DLP provides

Compatibility with the latest software and protocol

Cherry DLP takes a sensitive approach to customer needs and developmental proposals. The lab develops and updates patches compatible with emerging software or protocols.

Global Compliance

To fulfill privacy compliance requirements (regular expressions), such as GDPR, Cherry DLP provides the various patterns that conform compliance and keeps updating in accordance with the new regulations.

Control and deploy with effortless precision

Cherry DLP guarantees the efficiency of time, cost, and functionality by operating both EDLP and NDLP on a single console. Cherry Administrators can identify and manage data movement within a single page.

Approval Process

For business purpose, users can make exceptional file transfer through the approval process. File transfer is available after getting permission from the approver, and all actions leave logs on the console.

Customize Consulting Service

Easily edit policy settings and add custom patterns through detail and supportive Cherry DLP consultation. Cherry DLP consulting is a key mechanism for companies to meet complex and diverse global compliance.

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