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Cherry BI

Cherry’s BI solution makes business analytics simple for anyone. Process valuable information from complex data such as ERP, DW, CRM or SCM to make the strategic decisions your company needs to thrive.

Cherry SDP

Realize the “Black Cloud” of perfect SDP security with the world’s first solution that combines SDP and NAC. Operate free of security concerns with our open network security solution. Features user ID-centric design to improve the limitations of existing Network Centric Security.

Cherry eForm

Create and publish e-Forms in minutes with the eForm maker’s powerful-yet-intuitive e-Form design tool. Even if you can’t code, make beautiful eForms in minutes.

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Our success stories

Cherry Remote Support at DOCOMO


  • Japanese telecom giant DOCOMO implemented CHERRY REMOTE SUPPORT in 2012 to improve customer support.
  • Customer satisfaction with customer support climbed by 10%.
  • CHERRY REMOTE SUPPORT is now an integral part of DOCOMO’s post-sales support.

Cherry eForm at Standard Chartered Bank

  • Standard Chartered Korea adopted CHERRY eFORM for tablet banking in 2020 to create South Korea’s first paperless retail banks
  • CHERRY eFORM lets Standard Chartered’s customers conduct business anytime, from anywhere.
  • Standard Chartered Korea’s paperless branches use no paper at all.

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