Business intelligence (BI) is a broad term for a set of tools and techniques that help companies analyze data and make better business decisions. There are numerous BI tools available in the market today ranging from advanced analytics software to simple dashboard applications. 

However, most companies don’t realize that the effectiveness of these tools depends on not just investment but also how they are utilized by various stakeholders involved in decision making processes.


Some companies use BI tools just because it’s the current buzzword in business

BI is the latest buzzword in business. It’s no longer just a technology tool, but a way of life for many companies. With the influx of data available on every aspect of your business, it’s natural that you would want to use analytics tools to gain insight into your operations and how they can be improved. But while this may seem like an obvious decision, there are some important things to consider before investing in BI solutions:

  • Are you using BI because it’s what everyone else does?
  • Is there another solution that might better suit your needs?
  • Are you going to be able to use the data effectively?
  • Will your BI solution tool improve efficiencies and help you make better decisions? 

These questions are important because they can affect the success of your business. And more importantly, it can make a dent or a boost to your company’s bottom line — so it’s worth asking yourself these questions before making a decision.

If a business-leader is not able to answer even just one of these questions, there’s a chance that they get a BI tool that’s too complicated, too expensive, or simply not right for their company. And if they do get the right BI tool, they may end up spending more time and money on training than they would have if they just got to work with something simple but effective.


Make sure every single stakeholder knows how to use the BI tools you plan to roll out

BI tools have become an essential part of your business’ toolbox. However, not everyone in the organization are in-the-know about what BI is and how it can be beneficial to the business. And since a good BI implementation requires data collection from all corners of the organization, it’s important that every single stakeholder knows how to use the BI tools you plan to roll out.

You don’t want to end up with a bunch of data that no one knows what to do with. So, make sure that every single stakeholder knows how to use the BI tools you plan to utilize. This way, they’ll also be able to understand how data analytics can help improve their performance and how their participation affects the entire organization.

This means you, as a leader, should make sure that you know how to use the BI tools before rolling them out, too. But, more importantly, give your employees, contractors, and partners the opportunity to learn how to use these tools. You can host training sessions or webinars, or simply provide them with a detailed guide on how to use these BI tools.

Take action on the insights that your BI solutions present

There’s a sudden influx of businesses looking to get a BI solution tool rolled out into their systems. However, even the most sophisticated BI implementations won’t mean anything to a company’s bottom line if there isn’t enough executive buy-in on the BI project to begin with. 

So, if you’re interested in deploying a BI solution tool into your organization, make sure that decision makers are on board with the initiative. If not, your BI project will fail before it even has the chance to get off the ground.

A good way to do this is by tracking and measuring KPIs so you can see which decisions have resulted in better sales, customer service and other business metrics. Once you’ve established that there is a need for BI, then you can start looking at the various options available.

In order to maximize the benefits of BI tools, the company’s higher-ups must be all-in on the tool. They need to be willing to learn how to use the system itself and commit to making data-backed decisions for the business. If this isn’t happening, then there’s a good chance that the company is wasting its money by buying a BI solution tool without fully implementing it.

Achieving business intelligence success requires more than just investing in the right analytics and reporting tools

A good implementation of a good BI system involves having the right people, process, data architecture and tooling to make sure that your BI solution delivers maximum results for your business. This means hiring people based on their knowledge of data science background, and ensuring that they are in the right roles within your organization. 

It also means having a solid data governance policy and an effective process for extracting insights from your data. Finally, the implementation must include proper tooling such as business intelligence software that can be used by everyone in the company—not just analysts or IT staff.

In some cases, having a BI solution that’s more sophisticated than what’s needed can also be counterintuitive to the end goal. For example, if your business doesn’t have a large data set to work with, then it might not make sense to invest in a complex solution. Instead, simple reporting tools can provide you with the necessary insights while also providing an easy way for everyone in your organization to get involved.


Parting Thoughts

BI tools are a great way to get insights into your business. However, they don’t deliver maximum results if they’re not used correctly. 

Businesses need the right people, a good process and sound data architecture in place to maximize the benefits of their BI tool investments. The right people are those with the right skills and experience. They can make sure that your business is using BI tools the right way, and they’ll help ensure that everyone in your organization has access to the insights they need to do their jobs more effectively. 

So, are you ready to find the right enterprise software provider with the best BI solution for your organization, one that will deliver maximum results? If so, contact us today! We at Cherry Solutions are happy to help you find the right BI tool for your business. We understand that every organization is unique and has its own set of needs, so we’ll work with you to find a solution that can deliver the insights you need to drive better performance.

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