Migrate your legacy Sybase IQ database at ease with our proven solution and distinguished service from seasoned professionals.

Sybase IQ


SIMS is high-performance DB migration service and transform from Sybase IQ to various DB. Fully experienced experts with proven methodology conduct an accurate verification to provide high-quality service of data migration and cost-efficiency.


Recently, most of the enterprises have a plan to conduct data migration within a few years. According to our market research, 60% of banks across the globe are planning a transformation project. In addition, SAP announced Sybase IQ maintenance service will end in 2025.

    For your business growth, data migration needs to be considered and finished as soon as possible. Our data migration specialists are here to help find the right timing for your challenges.

      Delay of data migration ends up with serious


      Higher Maintenance Cost

      System Malfunction
      & Data Loss

      Lack of Qualified Professionals

      Hard to Integrate with New Systems

      Hampered by Business Expansion


      Time Saving


      Resource Saving


      High Quality


      Proprietary methodology and expertise for rapid and precise migration

      High performance, rapid and precise data migration without data loss

      Highest level of automation with minimal handwritten code    

      Achieve Customized & Optimized Database Migration

      Establish Strategic Plans

      We address your unique archive challenges and provide future-oriented migration options as well as improvement plans : application.

      Proven Delivery Methods

      Using proven methodology, always providing you a full suite of data migration services by seasoned data migration experts.

      Optimize            ROI

      High performance, rapid and precise data migration without data loss, cost-effective engagement, designed to save your time and budget.

      High Quality Migration

      Data accuracy and performance verification with Quality assurance management and excellent customer support.

      Real World Success

      Trusted by Korea’s biggest insurance company

      Our data migration service was recently adopted by the Hyundai Insurance company. With our service, Hyundai migrated its databases from old Sybase IQ to DB2, shortening the project schedule by 40% and reducing man-month inputs by 45%.

      Major banks, securities, capital, banks and governing bodies trust Cherry for security and policy compliance.

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