Cherry ZTNA

Improve your network security with Cherry’s Zero Trust Network Access which trusts nobody and verifies everything.

Introducing Cherry ZTNA

Realize the “Black Cloud” of perfect access security with the world’s first solution combining ZTNA and NAC.

Operate free of security concerns with our open network security solution with a user ID-centric design to improve the limitations of existing Network Centric Security.

VPNs: a thing of the past?

Network security is growing increasingly important, especially in the age of COVID-19, when more and more people are working from home outside of company networks.

However, legacy network access control such as VPNs are coming under fire for a number of serious shortcomings:

  • Increased cybersecurity threats
  • Lack of control or visibility
  • Expensive and complex

Zero Trust Network Access solutions offer a remedy

Unlike VPN, ZTNA provides centralized network access control, is highly scalable, offers identity-centric user authentication, and guarantees enhanced security with no lateral movement.

The motto of ZTNA is “trust nobody, verify everything” – all users are authenticated and authorized, and all devices are verified.

Cherry ZTNA provides

Cherry ZTNA connects communications securely outside the company while controlling applications associated with “privileges granted to users,” allowing individuals and businesses to operate free of security concerns.

Control over network access devices

Prevent unauthorized or unregistered devices (laptop, desktop, mobile, IoT) from starting connections by ZTNA authorization.

Promiscuous network access restrictions

Minimize network attack potential. Prevent malicious users or software from detecting vulnerabilities. Restrict access to specific services. Refuse segment or subnet network access.

Eliminate Firewall Security Hole

By removing all inbound rules and allow only outbound rules, it minimizes changes in the legacy firewall and eliminates firewall security hole.

Boosted connection speed

With identity-aware proxy structure, Cherry ZTNA provides 3 times faster connection compared to SSL VPN.

Quick setup and integration

Setup within minutes with the simple installation of connector software. All other resources for user connection and authentication are deployed in the cloud automatically and instantly.


Secure your network. Do business anywhere in the world with unlimited space. Control IoT devices and save money through reduced infrastructure costs. No dedicated line needed!


ZTNA allows private access to cloud applications with the least privilege.

Hybrid Networks

Cherry ZTNA supports both On-premise and Multi-Cloud applicable for any environment.

L7 Layer Application Access

Opposed to VPN’s network layer control, Cherry ZTNA prevents lateral movement with L7 application layer control.

App Binding

ZTNA communication is possible only for applications registered by the administrator.

Safe Networking

Provides secure network by IPSEC secure tunnel communication.

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