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Cherry Exon is much more than Excel.

Say hello to maximum efficiency.

“Productivity comes from the elimination of unnecessary work.”

Remove obstacles from your workplace and boost productivity.

Are you

  • using Excel as an essential business tool at your work?
  • tired of the repetitive and manual work process on Excel?
  • still sharing Excel files through emails?
  • worried about database management in Excel?

Excel is great, but can be EXCELLENT

Manual Work

Unverified Master Document

No User Collaboration 

Outdated Data

Tedious Excel Tasks,Again and Again

Complicated Work Process

Your work involves a series of complicated steps for every report. File gathering, integration, error screening, data refining, and data analysis.

Compromised Data Integrity

With every compromised data point and broken formula, the process repeats endlessly taking laborious work time and money.

Delay in Making Decisions

Business decisions get delayed until the data integration process and analysis are completed. Meanwhile, your business is standing in the waiting line.

Effectively collaborate with others.

  Turn Excel sheets into a database to make work much easier.


upload existing data in Excel format on the web.


fit gathered data into the template.


authorized users can access the published data directly through the web.


understand, process, and store the data in a secure database.


Bringing Data to EXON

Bring raw data from your database to Excel sheets on Exon. Business users can extract live data from the database into uploaded Excel sheets on Exon with just a few clicks. No SQL knowledge or IT help is needed.

Data Analysis with Excel

Meaningful data can be created by connecting raw data to analysis sheets using Excel formulas & macro. The imported live data can be analyzed using various functions, pivot tables, charts, and calculations of Excel.

Real-time Data Updation with EXON

Update new data quickly and easily. Adjustments that business users make will be reflected in the database immediately. Cherry Exon helps your organization react quickly against fast-changing business trends by optimizing data management.


User Collaboration

User collaboration across whole organization in the day-to-day tasks of budgeting, forecasting, and inventory management is available now. Multiple users can edit data at the same time by accessing it simultaneously in the Cherry Exon web portal.

End-User Adoption Rate

It’s 100% Excel, not just similar to it. Data filtering, sorting, pivot table, formulas, and more-Exon has everything you love about Excel. No need for training or coding skills. Anyone can run the process of connecting databases, extracting data, matching, and publishing without IT assistance.


Datafication of Local Excel Files

Excel features are perfectly integrated with live databases. You can easily bring data in Excel format and save it back to the database. With easier transferability, enable trend spotting, data comparison, and connections that speak volumes.

Assured Data Protection

Security is guaranteed by authority and access control. Craft control, grant level, department, and branch-wise authority for business systems. Secure your business by taking full control over all database connections and extractions.

Real-World Uses


Decreased 60% of Manual Work Hour

Founded in 1947, L Chemical is the 4th Most Valuable Chemical Brand in the world. Repetitive manual work in data management had been negatively impacting the company and leaving little time for employees to be devoted to high value-added tasks such as analysis and simulation.

By shortening everyone’s time in writing reports, I could spend more time on analysis and my main job. EXON’s automated sales report has changed my entire working process. 

Sales Director, L Chemical


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