Cherry IMDB

Cherry’s in-memory relational database management system provides the speed and scalability you need for financial, IoT, Big Data, cloud and mobile solutions.

Introducing Cherry IMDB

Perform search and update data operations effectively with Cherry’s in-memory relational database management system (DBMS) that stores all user data in-memory, in easy-to-use table form.

The best of both cluster worlds

In distributed computing, shared nothing architecture and shared disk architecture are common solutions.

But they suffer from scalability and performance limitations.

Cherry IMDB overcomes these limitations with an innovative shared nothing/scale out cluster architecture that offers linear scalability, high performance and high availability.

High-performance parallel processing


Use Cherry IMDB as a standalone database, or bind multiple databases into a single cluster and manage it in a cluster unit.

Parallel processing guarantees high availability and improves throughput.

Cherry IMDB’s cluster system guarantees ACID of cluster-wide transactions.

Each database belonging to the Cherry IMDB cluster system has a multi-process structure and data loading method, just like a standalone database.

Benefit from our proprietary cdispatcher and cluster server (cserver) processes.

Tablespaces and management areas make transaction management of cluster systems on a shared memory a breeze.

Wide use across industries

Cherry IMDB’s speed and scalability make it an optimal solution across a wide range of industries, including IoT, Big Data services, as well as cloud and mobile services.

It’s especially perfect for the financial industry, where it can be found in applications for stock trading, as well as institutional delivery and fraud detection systems.

A proven solution worldwide

Major corporations and government institutions in South Korea, China and elsewhere trust Cherry IMDB.

The solution is at work with Korea Exchange, Samsung Securities, China Unicom, China’s Guizhou Province, global cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb and elsewhere.


Korea Exchange

Korea Exchange puts Cherry IMDB to use in its market monitoring system with real-time processing and extraction of trading information, allowing it to detect abnormal transactions as soon as they happen.

KB Bank, South Korea’s largest bank, also uses it to monitor real-time data and truncate abnormal transactions.

Samsung Securities

Samsung Securities uses Cherry IMDB in its next-generation ordering system, separating order-related business from its core account. It is also building an active-active disaster recovery system between Seoul and other cities.

China Unicom

China Unicom used Cherry IMDB to build a next-generation cBSS, allowing for real-time billing/settlement for telecom users across China.

SK Telecom, one of Korea’s largest telecom providers, also uses it for real-time billing/settlement for telecom users across Korea. 

Asia’s First

Cherry IMDB is the first DBMS in Asia to receive TPC-C certification for real-time transaction capability.


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