The work environment has evolved globally and witnessed a drastic change, especially post Covid 19 pandemic, where remote working gained considerable attention. Secure Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions are trending now more than ever. 

Moving a step ahead of VPN, the ZTNA solution has shown immense potential in minimizing the risks faced by employees working from home and helping the security teams be aware of the happenings outside their networks. 

An ZTNA solution strives to enhance the security controls of a firm by providing access anywhere, anytime, and at any location. Basically, on any device, virtually.

Research shows that 80% of firms are considering Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions to meet their needs. Since so many people are opting to work from home and that too so effectively, the traditional office perimeter has lost its essence. 

This article will discuss the remote working landscape and how the legacy transitioned from flexible VPN tools to Zero Trust Nework Acess (ZTNA) solution granularity.

ZTNA Solution Provides Better Security And Support Working From Home

This improvised way of remote accessing not only provides easy access to the resources on a need basis but also strives to enhance the user experience. 

Employees Jumped On The WFH Opportunity

We are aware of the financial benefits that remote working brings to the table but have you considered the view of the workforce regarding this new breed? They are delighted!

 Did you know? As per the Wall Street Journal survey report, around 75% of employees were inclined to work from home part-time, whereas 40% strongly suggested that they would want to opt-in to work from home, full-time.  

The survey revealed that remote working is a popular preference by an overwhelming majority of employees, as people who worked from home were 22% more satisfied than those who worked full-time in an office. 

Rightly so, the Zero Trust Network (ZTNA) solution seemed like a viable option for workers who had to spend a lot of time and money commuting to the workplace. 

Encashing that time, these people can sleep a little more and spend time with their families resulting in happy employees. A win-win solution for all!

ZTNA Security Framework Is Tight And Requires Proper Authentication


Since ZTNA is an identity based security framework, it undergoes a proper authentication process of the user before connecting the device, unlike an IP-based security framework. 

The system is full proof and trusts no one which is why every connectivity request has to complete the verification process to get access rights. 

Also, the authentication process is simple, the users and their respective devices are provided with specific IDs that enable them to enter the company server. 


Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Instills A Modern Working Environment 


The introduction to the concepts of cloud and mobility has transformed the way we work, the internet is fast and is easily accessible. Connectivity is everywhere. 

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions and work-from-home are here to stay because they have several benefits that result in increased employee satisfaction, a better lifestyle, more family time, and more savings. You see how everything adds up!


Although Covid 19 surged significantly, the remote working trend started way back in 2015 when the IDC research number showed an increase in the mobile workforce by 75% in 2020. 

This shows the significance of having the ZTNA solution in the modern world, which works as a flexible support system. 

To overcome the risks of remote working, Zero Trust Network Access solutions allow firms to provide users with security and protection for their significant resources, resulting in improved network security and enhanced performance.  


The Final Say

There is no doubt about the fact that Zero Trust Network Access solutions are comprehensive and more fitting for teams that are working from home. 

This makes you wonder what if the times were to change and the workers resumed working from the office. Would ZTNA be relevant? Of course!

ZTNA solutions are in the limelight as viable and modern alternative solutions to VPNs. These systems offer better visibility, enhanced network performance, and excellent control. This holds for devices at all levels, including applications running on a public interface or for more private cloud storage. 


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